Welcome to our butterfly farm!

Posted in Home on July 1, 2007 by philippinebutterfly

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Butterflies are the most delightful insects on earth. Together with moths, they make up one of the major insect orders or groups called Lepidoptera. The word lepidoptera is derived from Greek words lepidos, meaning scales and ptera meaning, wings. Butterflies and moths can easily be distinguished from other insects by their wings. These wings are covered with thousands of tiny overlapping scales. Each scale is one color, but collectively a butterfly’s color pattern is produced by a complex mixture of differently colored scales.

Butterflies are important component of plant ecosystems. They are pollinators to plants and their presence is an indication of a good quality ecological habitat. Butterflies are also important component of flora and fauna’s food chain. Contrary to popular belief, butterflies’ larvae are not serious threath to the economically important plants. They benefit more the environment by keeping its balance. I simply cannot imagine the world without butterflies! It is us humans who are serious threat to the dwindling number of these insects. We create the main threat to their extinction by destroying their habitats. The pollution of rivers and destruction of river banks; the devastation of forest areas by means of illegal logging, mining and upland farming; the expansion of commercial development to rural areas and the widespread use of pesticides in agriculture contribute to this habitat loss. Butterflies are God’s beautiful living creations and the only consideration that must be kept in mind is that we should treat them and their habitat with respect and in a safe and humane manner.